The ecratum messenger allow users to make suggestions, encourage purchases and offer support with your business partners - all in one continuous conversation.

The ecratum messenger is separated into two parts as shown in the image above:

- On the left side bar: the list of the current conversations threads appears here, ordered from most recent to oldest. Select one to display the conversation.

- On the right : once you have selected a conversation, the messages it contains are displayed here.

Where do I find the messenger?

The ecratum Messenger icon is located on the right of the top bar of the application.

Who can you write to on messenger :

- Anyone in your ecratum company account

- Any user of any company you are connected to (as a Client or as a Supplier)

How can you find a contact?

To find the contact you want to send a message to, simply search their name in the search field on the left.

How do I know if someone is online?

In each conversation thread, a small round circle indicates whether that contact is currently online or not.

How will your contact receive the message?

When you write to one of your contacts on the ecratum messenger, they will receive a notification on their own messenger icon in the topbar.

What happens if your contact is not online?

If they happen to be offline when you write the message, or if they do not read your message within 60 minutes, they will also receive a notification email about your message.

What happens to my message history?

All of your messages remain available. Just scroll up your conversation threads to reveal past messages.