To add your producers to your ecratum account you can follow different approaches.

If the producer has already registered on ecratum:

You can search for and add them by selecting My Suppliers in the sidebar and clicking on the Add a single Supplier button to connect to an existing company.

If the producer does not yet exist on ecratum, you have two options to create that producer:

You can add the producer-companies to your account directly while editing the task. Simply enter the name of the producer in the text box Select a company in order to share and click on the create option.


If the producer already exists it appears in the dropdown list.

The second option is to import a list of producers to your company account in a csv-file.

To do this go to "My suppliers" from the sidebar.

On this screen you can choose the "Add multiple suppliers" option from the "New Supplier" dropdown.

In the next screen click on "Import Suppliers with CSV" to open the upload dialog.

In this dialog you can select and upload a csv file with the producer-companies you want to create.


            Carefully create the csv file according to the information in the dialog before uploading.

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