The Address book is a new feature in the ecratum application. The Address book is populated by contact information from connected companies and your company. This feature also provides a navigation tool to the Messenger platform where you can send messages to your contacts. The Address book will give users one space in the ecratum application where they can find an up-to-date contact data of their business partners.

Main Features

  • You can filter through your contacts.

  • You can view contact details of connected companies.

  • Easy navigation to the messenger. 


Where can I find the Address Book?

The address book can be found on the sidebar menu under the "Business Partners" category.


Where can I find the filter?


The filter allows you to search through the populated contact list in the grid view. The filter option can be located on the top right side of the grid view.

What can I filter?

The Address book feature gives you an easier and efficient way to filter through your contact list.  You can filter by:

  • Multiple Names

  • Multiple Companies

  • Multiple names and companies


How can I send a message to my contacts?

By clicking on the “Direct Message” button, you will be navigated to the Messenger platform to send instant messages to your contacts.


How can I Opt-out of the Address Book ?

The address book feature allows you to opt-out by hidding your contact information from users in connected companies.

Steps to hide your contact information

  1. Click on the user menu located on the top right corner of on the application
  2. Click on "My Profile" from the menu.
  3. On "My Profile" page click on the button "Hide" to opt-out.
  4. Your contact information will not be visible to connected companies but will be visible to users in your company.

Note: By default, your contact information is visible to users in your connected companies until you opt-out.