ecratum helps you add your business partners’ ERP numbers easily. To add an ERP number of your business partner, you can take the following steps:

1.Search the company of which you want to add an erp number and press the Identification tab on their Mini Dashboard. Here, you will see a button called Add ERP Number under the title of Internal ERP Number.

2. Click on the Add ERP Number button and enter the number to the view that is displayed.


3. Once you add an ERP number, there are two actions that you can take with it:

  • You can edit it by pressing the Edit option of the Actions button.
  • You can delete it by selecting the Delete option of the Actions button.

In addition to adding an ERP number by searching for a company via search bar, you can add it through browsing the list of companies:

1. Go to your preferred company group. Each company listed has its own Add ERP Number button that you can add an ERP number.

2. After clicking on the Add ERP Number button of your chosen business partner, there will be a modal displayed where you can enter the ERP number of that particular company.

3. After entering the ERP number to the modal, it is now added. To edit it or delete it, you need to click on the Actions button and select View Profile out of listed options. You will be landed in that company's Mini Dashboard. In order to take some actions with the existing ERP number, you need to click on the Identification tab and you can perform the actions mentioned above.