You can use workflows to define task transactions occurred between companies. There are 3 different workflow categories that you can create:

  • Document workflows
  • Product workflows
  • Question workflows

If your company holds a Custom Plan subscription, you can create workflows in 2 types:

  • For Sending Tasks
  • For Receiving Tasks

If your company holds Service Plan subscription, you can only create a workflow for:

  •  Receiving Tasks

To set up each workflow you must select:

  • A preferred workflow category
  • Type of the workflow (either for sending tasks or receiving tasks)
  • Company or company groups which will be in the other side of the flow
  • Document/Product/Questionnaire type to be sent
  • User of the other company who will either send the task or receive it

When a workflow is created between your company and your business partners, the user on the other side will be assigned to the stated task and workflow type.

The workflow options for a user that has a Custom Plan is demonstrated on the image below.

How Can You Create A Workflow?

To create a workflow, you need to take the following steps:

  • Go to the Workflow section of the Account tab in the Configuration.
  • Choose a workflow category by hovering on the New Workflow button.


Additionally, you can also directly click on the workflow type. E.g. click on Document Workflows on the Configuration if you want to create a workflow for document tasks.

You are now taken to a multi-step process:

Step 1-Choose the workflow type

  • Define the workflow whether it is for sending tasks or receiving them.
  • Press Next to proceed.

Step 2-Select a company or group

  • Choose for which company or company group you want to define the workflow.
  • Press Next to proceed.

Step 3-Choose a document/product document/questionnaire

  • Depending on the workflow category that you use, you need to select a document or product document or questionnaire type.
  • Press Next to proceed.

Step 4- Select a responsible user

Before completing the creation of a workflow, the last action that you need to take is to select a user from your company that will be responsible for sending or receiving the task defined in the workflow. To select a responsible user from your company:

  • Select a user from drop-down menu.
  • Press Next to proceed.

Step 5-Finish creating a workflow

  • To complete creating a workflow, press the Create Workflows button.

  • The workflow is now created. You can view it with its details. 

If you want to delete a workflow, you can do it through two ways. First one:

  • Through the Workflows view and pressing the Delete option of the Actions button.

The second way:

  • Through the Delete button located on the detailed view of the chosen workflow.