ecratum enables you to create a detailed overview about your conducted audit and send specific improvement tasks to your suppliers. Easily track the fulfillment of the sent tasks on one secure platform. To be able to send an audit task, firstly your company has to meet the following conditions:

  • Your company must hold a subscription to the a Custom Plan and have the Audit Module activated.
  • You are given permissions to use the Audits Module by the plan subscriber of the Custom Plan.

When you meet the criteria explained above, you will be able to use the Audits Module.

Click on The Audit Task Button

In order to send an audit task to your business partner, you need to take the following actions:

  • Hover your mouse over the Add New Task button and click on Audit Task out of listed options.

Create a New Audit Task

  • You are now taken to the view where you can create audit tasks to be sent to your preferred business partners. 

You can select a previously created audit or create a new one through clicking on Create New Audit. To create a new audit:

  • Select a supplier you would like to send the audit task to.
  • Enter a location.
  • State a contact person from your company who can be contacted by the receiver company.
  • Enter additional information if needed.
  • Enter a date when the audit is conducted.
  • Upload an audit report file in PDF format.
  • Press the Create Audit button.

  • After pressing the Create Audit button, you are now on the view where you can associate a task with that audit by pressing the Add Task To Audit button.

Finish Creating an Audit Task

After pressing the Add Task To Audit button, you need to take the following actions in order to finish creating an audit task to be sent to your business partner:

  • Select an audit (In this case the audit will be selected automatically as you land to that view after pressing the button to add a task to the audit).
  • Enter a title for the audit task.
  • Write some details regarding the task. This step is mandatory.
  • Enter a deadline for the task (optional).
  • Press the Create Task button.

  • At the end of these actions, your business partner receives the audit task in his/her Inbox. The audit task can be marked as done or a file in PDF format can be uploaded for it by your business partner. You can also upload files to it by yourself.