Reply your tasks easily with MultiUpload!

As a supplier, you might be receiving some particular product tasks for the same products which are requested by different customers. Instead of replying to those tasks on an individual basis, ecratum provides an opportunity with you to add a single file to those multiple tasks at once. MultiUpload enables you to:

  • Select multiple product document tasks that you received
  • Upload your file to them at once instead of doing single uploads.

How to Use MultiUpload?


The feature is only available when you have at least two received product document task that requires revalidation.

To start with using MultiUpload,

  • Go to your Inbox.
  • Click on the Upload for Multiple button to see the list of tasks that you can use with MultiUpload.

  • On the new view to which you are taken, filter the tasks to your needs. You can filter your search by:
    • Task Sender Company Name,
    • Product Name,
    • Product Code,
    • Document Type

  • Once you filter your search, you can select the tasks from the results or if you would like to upload your file to all shown tasks in the filtered results, you can click on the Select All checkbox and all tasks filtered will be selected.
  • Press the Upload File button, then select and upload the file from your computer.


Only PDF files are enabled to be uploaded with MultiUpload.

You can work with all the tasks displayed on the page, without using the filter.

  • Mark the Select all checkbox and press Upload, then select and upload the file from your computer.

  • Select file to be uploaded from your computer.
  • The amount of tasks that you selected is counted and displayed on the view.

  • Press the Upload File button and the file upload for multiple tasks is completed.


Select all works with maximum 75 tasks per page. So, if your file belongs to more tasks, just repeat the process as long as needed.

  • For the task selection, besides filtering and selecting all tasks, you can also go task by task and manually select them from the list.

  • When you complete selecting tasks, click the Upload File button.