Supported Browsers

To have the best experience while working in ecratum, we designed our product to support the latest web browsers. 

We support:

Using Unsupported Browsers

While using unsupported browsers (everything not on the list above, ecratum may still work for you, but you could have a bad user experience and/ or safety issues. 

To overcome this situation, we strongly recommend switching to one of the supported browsers (sse list above).

Old Browser Versions

It is important to note that sometimes we have to stop supporting older browser versions. 

When these browsers have been abandoned by their provider and are no longer receiving updates to keep them secure we will stop supporting them. 

NOTE FOR USERS OF Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10:

We do no support these versions of the MS Internet Explorer, as Microsoft stopped supporting them in January, 2016
To find out more, read:

Mobile Browsing

ecratum is not yet optimised for viewing in mobile browsers. Thus, we do not support mobile browsing.