After signing up to ecratum, you can add users from your company to collaborate on the platform. User management for products are done through plans on ecratum.

Each product is associated with a plan that allows you to manage which users from your company can actively use that product. To be able to add a user for your company, firstly you need to subscribe to at least one ecratum product that has a plan allowing for multiple users. ecratum products that enable you to add users include:

  • PDoc Share-Share your product documentation with customers
  • Supplier Evaluations-Rate your suppliers regularly and efficiently
  • Corrective Actions-Track and analyze problematic incidents with your business partners


In addition to the products given above, if you are a user that is invited to ecratum as a supplier by one of your clients, you can add users to the plan called Service which allows you to service your customers on ecratum and manage your customer service team as a supplier. Also, if you are a paying user on ecratum that holds a Custom Plan, you can add unlimited users to that particular plan.

If you are the subscriber of a plan that lets you add users, there are two main actions that you can do for that specific plan:

  • You can transfer ownership of a plan to another user which means that user becomes the subscriber of that particular product who holds permissions to manage it.
  • You can manage users of a plan. You can add new users and set permissions for the actions can be performed by users.

In this article, you can find detailed information about how to add and manage users for plans which you are subscribed to and transfer ownership to another user from your company.

Manage Users

  • In order to manage users of a plan, firstly you need to go to My Subscriptions by clicking on your User Name located on the top right corner and pressing My Subscriptions out of listed options.
  • Click on Manage Users of the plan of which you want to manage users.

Add a User To Plan

You are now taken to the view where you have the list of users from your company that uses that specific product.

  • To add a new user, click on the Add User To Plan button.


Keep that in mind the Add User To Plan button is available as long as the chosen plan is among the products and plans listed above that enable you to add a user. On the view for the other plans that do not allow adding a user, there is no such button.

  • After pressing the Add User To Plan button, you are now on the view that you can add an existing user from your company or invite a new one to create an ecratum account.

  • If the user you want to add to that particular plan has already an ecratum account and is a user of your company, you can select him/her from the list of existing users and by pressing Add User To Plan button, that user will be added to the plan and will start using the product.
  • If the user that you want to add to the plan is not on ecratum yet, you can easily send an invitation to let that person create an ecratum account and start actively using that product. To do that:
    • Enter an Email address
    • Provide a first name and last name
    • Press the Send Invitation button and the user is immediately added to your plan

If there is no existing user to be added to your preferred plan, you need to invite a user to join that plan. When you send invitations to users to join your plan, they will be automatically added to that particular plan.

Actions for The Added User

When you add a user to a plan, you will have permissions to make some actions for that user as the plan owner.

By pressing the Actions button for that user:

  • You can review the workflow for that user clicking on See workflows for this user out of given options.
  • You can view and edit user profile by clicking on Show User Profile.
  • You can edit permissions for that user and decide which permissions that the user can have while working with that particular product by clicking on Edit User Permissions.

  • You can remove the user from the plan by clicking on Remove from plan if you do not want to keep that person in the plan anymore. All workflows for that user will be deleted and if the user had any tasks, they will be in your Inbox/Outbox. Besides, the user cannot access the product area anymore as he/she is not included in that specific product's plan.

Transfer Ownership

If you do not want to be the subscriber of a product any longer and want another user from your company to take over it, you can transfer the ownership. When you transfer ownership of a plan, you will be regular user of it that does not hold permissions for user management and product subscription. If you want to no longer be a user of that plan, you can inform the new owner and he/she can remove you from the plan.

In order to transfer ownership of a plan, you need to do the following:

  • Go to My Subscriptions.
  • Click on Transfer Ownership of the plan of which you want to transfer the ownership.

Transfer Ownership to an Existing User

  • You can transfer the ownership of a plan to an existing user from your company. To do that, you need to select the desired user from the list and after pressing the Transfer Ownership button, the user will receive a notification that asks if he/she accepts to become the new plan subscriber for that particular plan.

Transfer Ownership to a New User

If the user whom you would like to transfer ownership to is not on ecratum yet, you can invite them to your plan.

  • Enter an email address
  • Enter a first name and last name
  • Press the Send Invitation button

Once the invitation email is sent to the respective user, you need to come back to this page and transfer ownership through selecting that user from the list of existing users on that plan.

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