After logging in to ecratum, you can easily update your company profile and documents.

Company Profile

Viewing and editing your Company Profile can be done through two locations. First location:

  • Go to Configuration and click on My Company subsection.

Second location:

  • Click on your user name located on the right top of the screen and press My Company out of given options.

At the end of both actions, the final view reached will be the same:

  • Click on the Edit Profile button.

  • Add basic information about your company such as its name, description, location and so on. You can update this information anytime you want.

  • Then, continue by clicking on the Identification tab where you can enter some identification details regarding your company like the industry information and some unique IDs. E.g. your VAT-ID, commercial register and global location number.

  • On the last tab, you can indicate your company type whether you have business relationships directly with customers or you represent other companies and you are a trader.

My Company Documents

My Company Documents is a location on the app to which you can upload documents concerning your company, like the certifications that held by your company. Through having the choice of keeping file private or making if public, you can save a significant amount of time when you receive a document task from one of your business partners as it is described above.

  • In order to go to the area where you can view and upload your company's documents, click on My Company Documents subsection located under the tab of My Company on the Configuration.
  • Press the Upload Document button.

  • On the new view that appears after pressing the Upload Document button, do the following:
    • Select a document type from the drop-down list.
    • Choose keeping the file private or public which means the public files will be automatically available to your business partners on ecratum when they send a document task to you about those particular document types.
    • Upload a file.
    • Enter an expiration that for the file (depends on the document type that you select).
    • Press the Upload File button.

You can perform some actions with your uploaded document by clicking its Actions button. The actions that you can take with your company documents are listed as:

  • Delete the file
  • View the file
  • Replace the file

Replacing a file action is available for the files published, not for the private files. When you replace a file, both new and old versions are kept and displayed with their versioning numbers.

Profile Manager

As an account owner of your company, you hold the Profile Manager plan subscription which allows you to edit your company profile and upload your company documents. You can view this particular plan by going to the My Subscriptions page.


If your company holds a subscription of a custom plan, you do not have this plan available on your subscriptions page unless you made a request to our Customer Support team to be given it. Not having this specific plan on your subscriptions page does not keep the account owner and other users with the permissions away from editing their company profile or uploading company documents.

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