After successfully creating your ecratum account, you can start with providing some details for your account and manage the settings for it. In this article, you can get needed information about how to manage your ecratum account with the given headlines:

Edit Your Profile

You can easily view and edit your profile through two different places.

  1. Through Dashboard's Edit Profile section.
  2. With a click on User Name and pressing My Profile option from the list.

You can now view your ecratum user profile. To start editing your profile, click on the Edit button.

As you are now taken to the view to edit your profile, here you can enter some data to enrich your profile:

  • Add a title
  • Add a phone number
  • Add your department and position
  • Add a photo
  • Update your email address (if needed)
  • Select the language in which you would like to use ecratum
  • Enter a time zone

  • Press the Save Changes button to complete editing your profile. Follow these steps any time you would like to update your profile.

Email Settings

You can decide upon the frequency of receiving emails from ecratum in different fields. To change the email settings:

  • Click on your user name located on the right top of the screen and click Email Settings section out of listed options.
  • Choose the preferred frequency of receiving emails.

Edit Password

You can change your current password anytime you want. 

  • Click on your user name located on the right top of the screen and press the Edit Password section out of listed options.

  • Type your new password and confirm it.
  • Press the Update button and now your password is updated.

My Subscriptions

My Subscriptions is the location that you can view the ecratum products that you subscribe to and hold permissions to use and manage. In order to go to this view:

  • Click on your User Name located on the top right corner and press My Subscriptions out of given options.

  • Here you can have some detailed information about the products that you use such as when you have subscribed to them, number of users from your company using that particular product and so on.
  • You can perform two actions with a product that you subscribe to:
    • Transfer the ownership of the product to another user from your company
    • Manage users that can actively use the product and set permissions for them

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