ecratum provides you with 4 different ways to sign up:

  • By receiving an invitation from your supplier or client, depending on the product type that they use.
  • Through ecratum product landing page can be found on ecratum's website and become active users of those products.
  • By accesing your supplier's Support Portal/Complaint Portal/Public Knowledge Base.
  • Via an invitation sent by a colleague from your company.


Signing up to ecratum is always free of charge.

In this article, you can get detailed information about how you can sign up to ecratum and start collaborating with your business partners effectively.

Sign Up Through A Received Invitation

Supplier Invitation

You can get invited to join ecratum by your clients or suppliers. If your business partner is a client on ecratum that collaborates with suppliers, as a supplier, you can receive an email from them to to start collaborating via ecratum.

  • Click on the email sent by your client and press the Join ecratum now button.

After pressing the Join ecratum now button, you are now taken to the view where you can get some contact information concerning the sender of the invitation and complete the sign up process.

  • Check the accuracy of your entered information. E.g. whether your first name is written correctly.
  • Select the legal type of your company and set a password that has at least 8 characters and press the Sign up button and you have now successfully signed up to ecratum.
  • You can easily start discovering ecratum's benefits.

Client Invitation

As a client, you can sign up to ecratum when your supplier invites you to collaborate with you with the use of PDoc Share. Similar to the supplier invitation, the client invitation through PDoc Share is triggered with an email. When your supplier sends an invitation to you to join ecratum for sharing product documentation with you, you need to take the following steps:

  • Click on the email sent by your supplier and press the Join ecratum now to access the shared files button.

You are now on the sign up view that you can have the contact information of the user that invited you to join ecratum.

  • All you need to do on this page is to check if the stated information about you is entered correctly, select your company's legal type and set a password that consists of at least 8 characters.
  • Press the Sign up button and the sign up process will be completed.

Sign Up Through Product Pages

ecratum also enables you to sign up through the website. When you visit ecratum's website, you can get detailed information about ecratum tools that you can benefit. Each ecratum tool has its customized sign up page that makes it easy for you to directly start using ecratum tools. To sign up through ecratum tools' customized sign up pages:

  • Select the category of ecratum tools that you want to use. ecratum offers its tools in two main categories:
    • Tools targeted at Customer Service Management: Click here for more details.
    • Tools targeted at Supplier Relationship Management: Click here for more details.
  • Select your preferred tool and click on the More information button of the chosen tool.

  • After choosing a tool, you are now taken to the page that you can read about how that tool can be beneficial for you. In order to sign up to ecratum to be able to use that tool, click on the Sign Up Now Free button.

  • Enter the required information to create your ecratum account on the sign up page which is customized for the tool that you have chosen.
  • After pressing the Sign Up button, you will be given the needed permissions and functionalities activated that enable you to actively start using the tool. You also become the subscriber of the plan that the tool is associated with. Read this article to get some information regarding your subscriptions: How To Manage Your ecratum Account?

Sign Up Through Your Supplier's Actions

If your supplier has been using one of these Customer Relationship Management products and shares the link of the product-related attributes given below, you can sign up to ecratum to collaborate with them.

  • Support TicketsYour supplier shares the link of their support portal with you so that you can sign up to ecratum and send support tickets to them to reflect your requests.

  • Customer Complaints: Your supplier shares the link of their complaint portal with you so that you can sign up to ecratum and submit complaint tickets regarding products and services provided by them.

  • Knowledge Base: Your supplier shares the link of their public Knowledge Base with you so that you can sign up to ecratum and can access product and service knowledge presented by them.

Sign Up Through An Invitation From Your Colleague

If you have a colleague that already uses ecratum and holds a plan subscription that allows adding a new user, you can receive an invitation from that particular colleague to join ecratum. To see how your colleague can invite you to join ecratum, check this article out: How To Manage Users on ecratum?

When your colleague invites you to join a plan on ecratum, you will receive an invitation email in your inbox. 

  • Click on the email and press the Confirm my account button.

  • On the new page that you have reached after clicking on the Confirm my account button, you need to set a password for your ecratum account which consists of at least 8 characters.
  • Press the Confirm Password button and you will be able to start using ecratum.

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