ecratum is a B2B platform that helps manufacturers of various industries to manage their interactions with customers and suppliers quickly and efficiently. 

Centered around Supplier Relationship Management and Customer Service Management, ecratum offers a multitude of Software-as-a-Service tools that can be set up quickly and inexpensively. ecratum serves small and large customers alike and can be used by anyone with internet access and a browser in no time.

Today, over 20.000 companies from more than 80 countries are working with ecratum.

Here are some highlights regarding ecratum:

  • ecratum is ready for immediate use and  can be introduced immediately or step-by-step.
  • ecratum can be easily set up by you, unless you’d like to engage one of our team members to help you get going.
  • No prior user training required.
  • ecratum gives small & medium sized manufacturers & traders power over their supplier and customer relationships.

As a customer with an ecratum account, depending on the ecratum products that you and your suppliers are using, you can do the following:

  • Profile suppliers:
    • send out questionnaires
    • collect supplier-related documentation (e.g. Compliance certificates)
    • request contact information
  • Collect product-related information (E.g. ask suppliers for product specifications, migration documents, packaging documentation etc.)
  • Keep product-related information up to date automatically (asking suppliers to review and if necessary, replace their documents)
  • Manage supplier qualification and approval processes before completing your first purchase or re-qualify suppliers that you already have a relationship with
  • Define corrective actions for your suppliers and manage problem resolution processes with them
  • Collect, store and keep agreements & contracts up to date
  • Automate processes for the next business interactions to save time
  • Send feature requests, feedback and complaints to your supplier
  • Access to your supplier's product catalogue and documentation
  • Have a good overview about all status of all documents you have requested

As a supplier with an ecratum account, depending on the ecratum products that you and your client are using, you can do the following:

  • Provide documents requested by your customers
  • Create your product catalogue and upload your product documentation
  • Easily share your product documentation with your customers in a safe way
  • Build your Knowledge Base and give 24/7 access to your customers
  • Receive feature requests, feedback and complaints from your customers and instantly respond to them
  • Improve your customer service and product quality by analyzing all customer complaints

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