In this section you can find all the following information:

  • First, you need to click on Purchased Product Groups located under the PDoc Collect entry on the Sidebar.

  • Choose how you would like to add the product groups between Import or Add Product Group

Import Product Group

  • Import button enables you to import multiple product groups to ecratum in a CSV file. After providing a CSV file that meets the requirements described in the explanation, press Import Product Groups.

Manually add Product Group

  • After pressing Add Product Group button, you can simply enter a name for the new group and click on Create button.

Edit Product Group name

Once the Product Groups are created or imported, you can see all your groups under Purchased Product Groups view.

For each group, you can see the number of products they indicate, date when the group was created and the Automation Status.

Automation Status Enabled indicates that tasks from this group were sent using automation feature.

Automation Status Disable will appear when no automation was created for this group.


  • Once you have selected a group and are on the group view, you can edit Group Name anytime but just simply click on the edit button next to the name. On the edit mood, you can type in the new name for the group and press enter to save it. After this, you will see the new name on the Product Group view but also on the Purchased Product Groups.

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