Collect & Auto-Update product documentation from your suppliers!

With ecratum PDoc Collect product you can request, collect and archive all necessary product documentation from your suppliers. You can easily create new product document requests or automate documentation requests and check their status with only a few clicks.

Once you have the product activated on your account, you will have access to all your product documents in a central place from where it will be easier and more efficient to work with your suppliers.

PDoc Collect will help you to gather complete documentation about all the products you have bought, keep the documentation updated, have a transparent current status about all the product documentation, see timelines of documentation status and access archived documents/ previous versions of documents.

After activating PDoc Collect product you can: 

  • Enhance the efficiency of product documentation flow and updates between you and your supplier
  • Create Product Groups and choose needed document types needed for an organized storage of all received documents
  • Send Product Document Tasks to your Suppliers, while tracking their completion
  • Automate document requests. Ensure continued document completeness through ecratum automation feature. 
  • See a totally new level of transparency and fulfillment in your product documentation

How To Set Up PDoc Collect?

1.Activating PDoc Collect

To start using PDoc Collect, if you do not have it activated on your account first you need to activate it through the ecratum Store. To have more details, read this article: How To Activate PDoc Collect?

2.Create/Import your purchased products

Once you have activated the product, you can start creating/importing your Purchased Product storage in PDoc Collect. To learn more details regarding this, you can read the article: How To Create/Import your purchased products?

3.Create product groups

After your purchased product storage in PDoc Collect is created, the next step will be to create Purchased Product Groups that will help to better organise your documentation. To learn more, read the article: How To Create Product Groups?

4.Choose document types

For this step you must choose the Product Document Types that you need from your business partners. To see how can you do this, read the article: How To Choose Document Types?

5.Send Individual Product Document task

Now that you have completed the previous steps, you are ready to send Product Document Tasks to your business partners. To read more detail for this step, check out this article: How To Send Product Document Tasks?

6. Send Multiple Product Tasks using Automation

You can automate the process of collection product documentation using our automation feature. You can easily create an automation for your chosen Product Group and start requesting the files you need. To learn more on how to use the automation read the article: How To Send Product Document Tasks Using Automation?

7.Track Documentation status

After you have sent tasks to your business partners,  Product Documentation view will allow you as a sender company to trace the documentation status of a product over time per supplier. To learn more read the article: How To Track Documentation Status?

Using PDoc Collect as a Supplier 

Once your Client starts using PDoc Collect to send product documentation task you will easily receive, access and work on the tasks for the products you sell.

The benefits that you will get by being on the responder side of PDoc Collect product include:

  • Receive tasks in your inbox
  • Easily respond to your document requests
  • Exchange comments on the tasks
  • Upload all the needed product documentation

To find out more about how you can benefit from collaborating with a business partner that actively uses PDoc Collect, read: As a Supplier, how to use PDoc Collect?