Whenever an incident occurs with one of the deliveries you receive from your supplier, or you wish them to take some particular action, you can send them a Corrective Action task.

Conditions for sending a corrective action task :

Before you can actually send off a corrective action task, make sure that you have set up the product correctly :

And, before you can send a Corrective Action to a supplier, they must be connected to you. If you have already exchanged with that supplier on ecratum they should normally be already connected to you, however :

  • To check whether a supplier is connected to you, go to your MySuppliers list and see if your business partner is there
  • If your supplier is not in your MySuppliers list, you can add them my clicking New Supplier

Process for sending a corrective action task

To send a corrective action task, click 'Add New Task' and click 'Corrective Action Task' from the dropdown.

The process of sending a corrective action task is separated into two steps :

Step 1 - Selecting the template and the recipient

In this step you will simply select :

  • which template you wish to fill in and send, from your list of previously created templates ( see How to create Corrective Actions templates? )
  • which company you wish to send the corrective action task to (if you can't find the name of your supplier in this list, make sure to check the 'Conditions' section above)

Step 2 - Filling in the template 

Here you will simply fill in all the details about the incident. You must fill in all fields :

Standard fields - These fields are contained in all template and contain general information about the incident. A title and description to describe the issue, when it happened, possibility to attach a file, etc.. 

Category - Here you must choose which type of corrective action category best matches the incident. 

People to be notified - Under the 'Send notifications about task changes to' field, you can choose who to send notifications to whenever there is a change in status of the task. If you select an ecratum user here, they will receive a mail notification every time some action is taken on the corrective action task (ex. when you supplier leaves a comment, or uploads a file)

Extra fields - these fields included in the template must also be filled out

When you have filled in the whole form, you have two options :

  • save the task as a draft, which means it won't be sent to your supplier until you have reviewed it
  • send the task immediately, which means it will be sent directly to your business partner