Tracking complaints has never been easier

Corrective Action (CA) is an ecratum product that shows the problematic incidents with business partners and allow both parties to communicate over these incidents to document and settle them. This gives the sender company

  • the possibility to communicate better about this type of incidents
  • to record all communication about this type of incidents in one place
  • to track, evaluate and analyze these incidents better

Receiving companies can take the CA tasks to work on their quality, delivery and processes better.

The features

With the Corrective Actions product you can :

  • Create corrective action templates, ready-to-send forms customized to each type of suppliers you dealwith
  • Send off corrective action tasks to your suppliers, complete with all information about the incidents
  • Interact and communicate about the incident with your supplier, sending comments or attaching files
  • Keep everyone notified of the state of resolution of the corrective action through mail notifications
  • Get an overview of the state of corrective actions in a status screen

How to set up Corrective Actions?

1. Activate Corrective Actions

To start using Supplier Evaluations, you need to activate the feature via ecratum Store. To get further information on how to activate Corrective Actions, read this article: How To Activate Corrective Actions

2. Create corrective action categories

Corrective Action categories are meant to help you filter and categorize the corrective actions you send out. This helps with long-term analysis and reports 

Read about how to create Corrective Action Categories here : How to create Corrective Action categories

3. Create corrective action templates

Depending on the type of group of suppliers you are addressing, you will want to include different information in your corrective action tasks. The Corrective Actions templates allow you to customize the Corrective Actions Task form, including or excluding certain fields.

Read about how to create corrective action templates here : How to create Corrective Actions templates

How to use Corrective Action Tasks?

1. Send off Corrective Action Tasks

Whenever an incident occurs with one of your suppliers, you can select from the list of available Corrective Action templates you created, fill it in and send it off.

Read about how to send a Corrective Action task here : How to send off Corrective Action tasks

2. Interactively communicate with your supplier about the incident

If you wish to provide further information to your supplier once you have already sent off the Corrective Action, or if your supplier has responded to you already, you can leave comments or extra files on the Corrective Action task itself.

Read about how to do that here : How to interact with your business partner in Corrective Action tasks

3. Keep track of the status of your Corrective Action tasks

Keeping track of all the Corrective Action tasks you have sent out can get unmanageable after time. The Corrective Actions status page will give you an overview of all the Corrective Action tasks you have sent out, complete with their current status, and comprehensive information.

Read about how to track your Corrective Action tasks here : How to keep track of the status of your Corrective Action tasks

As a supplier receiving a Corrective Action task, how can I react?

If you have received a corrective action task, your customer wants to inform you about some issue concerning one your deliveries or products. 

You can keep your customer informed about the situation and any corrective steps you have taken by interacting with the task you have received.

Read about how to respond to Corrective Action tasks here : As a supplier receiving a Corrective Action task, how can I react