The Supplier Evaluations product requires a little bit of setup before you can receive full value.

In ecratum, evaluations sent out to your suppliers are grouped together around timeframes called 'Evaluation cycles'. These generally correspond to the frequency at which you evaluate your suppliers, monthly, quarterly, yearly... An example evaluation cycle would be Evaluations 2018

To create an evaluation cycle, head to the configuration menu and click 'Evaluation Cycles'.

Here you will find a list of evaluation cycles you have created. At first this list will be empty. 

You can create a new evaluation cycle by clicking 'New Evaluation Cycle'.

When you create a new evaluation cycle you will be asked to define several fields : 

  • A cycle name : how to name your cycle, we suggest using the timeframe ex. Evaluations 2018
  • Previous cycle for comparison : If you have created cycles already, you can choose to which previous cycle  the new cycle you are creating will be compared in the task view. ex. If creating 'Evaluations 2018' you'd probably choose to compare with a previous cycle 'Evaluations 2017'
  • Evaluation range : Choose on which scale you want to make the rating, 0 to 5, 0 to 10, etc..
  • Evaluation criteria : Here you choose along which criteria you wish your suppliers to be evaluated. Default options are Price, QM-system, Delivery Fulfilment, Quality and Service, but you add or remove custom criteria if you wish