Rate your suppliers with Supplier Evaluations

Supplier evaluations is targeted to Quality and Purchasing professionals and helps them regularly and efficiently evaluate suppliers. With a few clicks, you can set up an evaluation cycle, complete your evaluations and automatically share the results with your suppliers.

The features

With the evaluations module you can :

  • Set up evaluation cycles and adapt them to your requirements.
  • Increase the transparency of your evaluations.
  • Share the evaluation with your suppliers.
  • Always keep an overview of the current status of your evaluations.
  • Monitor the efforts of your suppliers and compare their evolution.

How to set up Supplier Evaluations?

1.Activate Supplier Evaluations

In order to start using Supplier Evaluations, you need to activate the feature through ecratum Store. To get further information on how to activate Supplier Evaluations, read this article: How To Activate Supplier Evaluations

2.Create an evaluation cycle

In ecratum, evaluations sent out to your suppliers are grouped together around timeframes called 'Evaluation cycles'. These generally correspond to the frequency at which you evaluate your suppliers, monthly, quarterly, yearly... An example evaluation cycle would be Evaluations 2018

Here you can fully customize your evaluation cycles to meet your needs (choose evaluation criteria, weights, how to compare to previous cycles etc..)

Read about how to create an evaluation cycle here : How to set up an evaluation cycle

3. Start the evaluation process

Once you have created an evaluation cycle, you must initiate the process of evaluation by choosing who to evaluate and who will fulfill the evaluation.

Read about how to start the evaluation process here : How to start the evaluation process

How to use Supplier Evaluations Tasks?

1. Complete evaluations in the Evaluation tasks

Once the evaluation process has been started, the evaluation tasks will be sent out to the members of your team who were designated as evaluators. 

Read about how they can complete their evaluations on the evaluation tasks here : How to complete the evaluation

2. Share the results with your suppliers

Once your team is done with evaluating, the team member defined as the 'Reviewer' can review and officially publish the evaluation to your supplier.

Read about this here : How to share the evaluation results with your supplier

3. Follow the progress of all evaluations

You can monitor the progress of all the evaluation tasks you currently have opened by accessing the Sent Evaluations section of your sidebar.

Read more about this here : How to keep track of the status of all your evaluations 

As a supplier, what can I do with Evaluation tasks?

If you are on the receiving end of an evaluation, you will receive a completed evaluation task from your customer and will be asked to acknowledge it.

Read more about how to do this here : As a supplier receiving an evaluation, what can I do?