In this article, you can find the needed information to respond to a received complaint ticket:

Detailed View of a Complaint Ticket

When you click on a complaint ticket that you receive, you can view detailed information about it on a new page.

Leave a Comment To The Ticket

If you want to make a comment about the complaint that will be visible to your customer, you can click on the Add Comment button and select Public out of listed options. You can type your comment and by pressing the Add Public Comment button, it will be sent to your respective customer.

Mark The The Ticket As Resolved

If you do not need to provide an answer to the ticket, you can press the Mark As Resolved button and the ticket will be closed and the loop for it will be ended.

When your customers are given the link of your Complaint Portal, they will easily be able to send their complaints to you by logging in to ecratum. To find out more about how your customers get benefit from Customer Complaints feature, read this article: How To Use Customer Complaints As A Client?