Manage customer complaints with easy ticketing!

How To Set Up Customer Complaints

Using Customer Complaint As A Client

ecratum has built a new feature targeted forward customer service teams to receive complaints from customers about their products and services. With the help of Customer Complaints, your customers can send their complaints to one centralized location. You are then able to reply to all of the tickets and keep track of them on an organized and secure platform.

After activating the Customer Complaints feature through the ecratum Store, you can distribute the link of your Complaint Portal to your customers, who can then start sending in their complaint tickets after signing in/sign up to ecratum. With the Customer Complaints feature, you will be able to:

  • Offer your customers a place to send complaint tickets to your customer service team.
  • Manage all incoming tickets in a central place.
  • Organize your customer service teams better.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction by ensuring a quick and transparent support process to deal with complaints.

How To Set Up Customer Complaints

1.Activate Customer Complaints

After logging in to ecratum, you can activate Customer Complaints easily through ecratum Store. To get further information how to activate to Customer Complaints, read this article: How To Activate Customer Complaints

2.Access To Complaint Portal

After activating Customer Complaints, you will have a Complaint Portal on your account Configuration which enables you to share a location with your customers to work on complaint tickets. In order to have more details to access to your Complaint Portal, read this article: How To Access To Your Complaint Portal

3.Receive a Complaint Ticket

Your customers can send complaint tickets to you through using your Complaint Portal and a received complaint ticket can be viewed in two main places:

  • Inbox/Teambox
  • Complaint Ticket Status

To get detailed information about receiving a complaint ticket, read this article: How To Receive A Complaint Ticket

4.Respond To a Complaint Ticket

  • When you click on a ticket that you receive, you can view detailed information on a new page.

There are two actions that you can take with a complaint ticket:

  • Leave a comment on it
  • Mark it as resolved

To get more details about how you can respond to a complaint ticket, read this article: How To Respond To A Complaint Ticket

Using Customer Complaint As A Client

Customer Complaints feature provides you with an opportunity to send your supplier complaints concerning purchased products and services. You can send your complaints, receive responses from your supplier and keep track of all these processes in a secure and organized environment. Benefits of collaborating with a business partner that actively uses Customer Complaints include:

  • Sending complaints to your supplier from one central place.
  • Quick way to inform your supplier about your complaints on products and services purchased from them.
  • Easy access to responses provided by your supplier.
  • An organized and well-structured location to keep  track of status and updates regarding submitted complaint tickets. 

As a result of collaborating with a business partner that actively uses Customer Complaints feature, you will no longer have to deal with the hassle of never-ending e-mail threads in order to communicate with your supplier. Customer Complaints is an ecratum tool that allows you to send complaints to your suppliers about products and services that you purchase from them. In order to find out how you can benefit from having a business partner that actively uses Customer Complaints, read this article: How To Use Customer Complaints As A Client