In this article you can learn more on what to do through 'Customer Access' page.

1.Invite new Users

2.Manage Sharing

1.Invite new Users

  • To start inviting your customers for file sharing through PDoc Share, click Customer Access under the PDoc Share sidebar.
  • On Customer Access view, you can see the companies you are connected to and also you have the option to add new one by clicking on Share With More Customers

Share with current ecratum users

  • After clicking on Share With More Customersyou can type the name of the company that you want to invite. If the company that you type is on ecratum, it will be shown on the list.

    To enable file sharing, click Share button of that particular company.

Invite Companies that are not yet in ecratum 

  • If the company that you are looking for is not on ecratum, you can still easily invite them.

    Click Invite a Company to Join Ecratum button and you will be required to fill out a form.

  • Provide the required information about the company and press Send Invitation button. The person whose contact information was filled out, will receive an Email that contains an activation link to create an account on ecratum. After the account is created by that person, file sharing with that company through PDoc Share will be enabled.

2.Manage Sharing

Pause Sharing

If you want to temporarily prevent a company from having access to your products and product documentation, you can use the feature Pause File Sharing.

  • Click Actions button for a company that you want to pause file sharing. Click Pause Sharing option and the company won't be able to see the new files you share unless you give the access back. 

  • If you want to give access to that company again, you can click Share and they will be able to see your shared files again. 

Revoke Sharing

  • If you want to permanently remove the given access from a company, you need to click Revoke SharingThe company will no longer have access to your shared product documentation.