In order to activate and manage PDoc Share, please check the following steps:

Plan Management for PDoc Share Basic

  • If you are the subscriber of PDoc Share Plan, you can easily decide which users from your company would work with PDoc Share as well as inviting new users that are not on ecratum.
  • To start, click My Subscriptions which can be seen after clicking title of your company & user name that is located on the right corner of view.

  • My Subscriptions is the page that displays all ecratum products that are being used by you and your team. As the plan subcriber of PDoc Share, you can add/invite new users to the plan and transfer ownership of the to plan someone else.

Adding User to Plan

  • In order to add user to plan, firstly you need to click  Manage users given below information of the plan.
  • If the person that you want to add to the plan is already an existing user on ecratum, you can select that user from the list and by pressing Add User To Plan, you will have completed the process of adding a user to your plan.
  • If the person that you want to add is not on ecratum yet, you need to provide necessary information about that person through the invitation view and that person will receive an email that enables him/her to sign up to ecratum.

Transferring Ownership

  • If you wish to be no longer subscriber of PDoc Share Plan, you can transfer ownership to someone else which means you will not have the ability to manage the plan anymore and your abilities to work with PDoc Share will depend on the new Plan Subscriber as (s)he will be in charge to determine to manage permissions fro users of the plan.
  • To transfer ownership to someone, you need to click Transfer Ownership.
  • On the new view that you are taken to, you can transfer ownership to either an existing user or a new user that does not have an ecratum account yet. The same logic with adding user to plan is implemented here as well.

Editing User Permissions

  • As Plan Subscriber of PDoc Share plan, you can edit permissions of users of that plan. You can decide upon which actions that they can perform with PDoc Share.
  • To manage user permissions, you need to click Manage Users on My Subscriptions page which takes you to the view where users included within your plan are listed.
  • Here, you can click Actions button of the user whose permissions you want to edit and press Edit User Permissions.
  • If you want the user not to take certain actions, you can take the ability of doing those actions from the user by unmarking respective checkboxes.
  • You can also remove a user from the plan by pressing Remove from plan. User will no longer be included in the plan.