After logging in to ecratum, you can quickly activate PDoc Share via ecratum Store.

  • Click ECRATUM STORE in the sidebar.
  • Press Get Started button for PDoc Share which is located under the Customer management tools section.
  • You can now start using PDoc Share by adding up to 50 users from your company free of charge.

  • On the new view that you are taken, you can find more information regarding PDoc Share such as how you can use it and benefit from it. To activate the product, click on any Activate For Free¬†button.

  • To confirm the activation of PDoc Share, press the Activate button.

After activating, you will see PDoc Share entry appearing on the sidebar. This entry consists of three pages that are the following:

  • My Files from where you can manage files that you upload and share via PDoc Share.
  • Product Catalogue-¬†here you can add and manage your catalogue for the products you sell
  • Customer Access- adding customers you would like to share the files with and managing the access.

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