Keeping your customers updated has never been easier!

ecratum has developed a new concept that helps customer service teams to distribute product documentation to their customers. With PDoc Share, you can easily manage your sold products-related documentation.

Let your customers subscribe to your sold products and always keep them notified on important changes. 

After activating PDoc Share, you will be able to:

  • Invite customers to your PDoc Share
  • Plan Management for PDoc Share
  • Share your product documentation with selected customers
  • Pause or revoke sharing with your customers at anytime
  • Let customers subscribe to your products
  • Send your customers to one dedicated location for all their documentation needs

How to Set up PDoc Share?

1.Activating PDoc Share

To start using PDoc Share, first you need to activate the product through ecratum Store. To learn more on how to activate and manage PDoc Share check the article: How to Activate PDoc Share?

  • Once you have activated, you will see PDoc Share entry appearing on your navigation sidebar.

2.Plan Management for PDoc Share

If you are the Plan subscriber of PDoc Share, you will be able to add up to 50 users from your company to work with the same product. Everyone that will be added to the plan will be able to share files and manage sharing with your business partners. 

To learn more on how to manage the plan subscription, read article: How to Manage Users If You Are The Plan Subscriber?

3.Create your product storage through 'Product Catalogue'

Once you subscribe, you can start creating your product storage in PDoc Share. To learn more details regarding Product Catalogue read the article: How To Add Your Product Catalogue?

  • Access Product Catalogue from the sidebar

  • On this page you will be able to add your product catalogue for all the products you sell. You can do this by importing a CSV file or adding products one by one.

4.Upload Product Documentation Files

To start sharing product documentation through PDoc Share, first step would be to upload PDF files.

  • Click on My Files entry. This page consists of 3 tabs from where you can easily manage all the files you share through PDoc Share.

  • If you click on Upload File, you can browse your files individually or drag and drop multiple files at once. 

  • After the files have been uploaded, you will be able to see them under Unshared tab. The table on this page contains all the product documentation files that you have uploaded but not shared with any business partner yet.  

For more details read the article: How To Upload Product Documentation Files In PDoc Share?

5. Edit and Share your Product Documentation Files

Once you have product documentation files uploaded, the next step would be to prepare the files for sharing. 

  • You can find all the files that are uploaded and ready for share under Unshared tab. Choose the file you want to share and click on Share button. 

  • The final step before sharing the file is to insert all the necessary information to it. 

  • Click on Share File and you will see that the file is shared and moved from Unshared to Shared tab.

To learn more regarding this step you can read the article: How To Share And Manage Files In PDoc Share?

6. Add Customers that you would like to share the Files with

As a PDoc Share user, you can share your product documentation with your chosen customers in a couple of steps. 

  • Click on Customer Access on the sidebar entry. Here you can see a list with companies that you have granted access to see your files through PDoc Share.

  • Invite new user to share your files with by clicking on Share with more customers button. 

Learn more on how to manage customer access in PDoc Share by reading the article: How To Invite Clients And Manage Sharing?

Using PDoc Share as a Client

Once you have been invited and have access to your supplier's shared product documentation on PDoc Share, you will easily access and work with the files for the products that you buy. To make it more convenient, you can also subscribe to products and get notified anytime a change is made on product documents.

The benefits that you will get by being on the responder side of PDoc Share module include:

  • Access your product catalogue and product documentation.
  • Easily view and download files.
  • Subscribe to products to stay up-to-date.
  • Get automatically notified when a product or product documentation update occurred.
  • Experience a new level of product informedness.

By collaborating with a business partner that actively uses PDoc Share, you will no longer need to search for updates on products that you purchase. PDoc Share gives your suppliers an ability to make your business relation stronger by easily sharing and managing product documentation.

To find out more about how you can benefit from collaborating with a business partner that actively uses PDoc Share, read: How To Use PDoc Share As a Client?