In this article, you can find the needed information to create and update an article for your Knowledge Base.

1.How To Create An Article?

As the last step of building your content in the Knowledge Base, you need to create articles in your folders.

The layers implemented on the Knowledge Base are as follows: Topic > Folder > Article

To create a new article:

  • Click on your desired folder.
  • Press the Add A New Article To button on the page and you will be taken to the view where you can create your article.

  • On the new page, 
    • Enter a title for your article
    • Enter the content
    • You can insert an image to your article
    • If you want the article can be read by the readers of your Knowledge Base, mark Publish this article. If you want to keep it visible to only your company, do not mark that checkbox.
    • To finish creating your article, press the Create Article button.

  • Following these steps, your article will be created in a respective folder.

2.Actions To Take With Articles

After creating an article, you can then:

1.Publish/Unpublish an article

  • The Knowledge Base lets you work on articles with: Published and Draft statuses.
  • While creating your article, if you mark Publish this article checkbox, the article will be visible to the readers of your Knowledge Base.
  • You can change the status of a Published article at any time. To do that, first click on the Actions button of the article that needs that change.
  • Click the Unpublish section of Actions drop down menu, and the status of the article will be changed to the Draft which means the article is now only visible to you and will no longer be displayed to the readers of your Knowledge Base.

  • Likewise, you can publish an article that is in status of the Draft through the same step. Click on the Actions button and press the Publishsection of the drop down menu and the article will be published.

2.Edit article

  • You can easily update your article's content, title, attachments and state by clicking on the Edit article section of the Actions button.

  • After editing your article, all updates will be saved once you press the Update Article button.

3.Remove article

  • If you want to delete an article, you can do it by clicking the Remove article section of the Actions button of that particular article.

  • After clicking Remove article, a pop up message will be displayed on your screen that asks you to confirm your action. If you want to remove it, click OK button and the article will no longer exist.

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