In this article, you can find the needed information to create and update a folder for your Knowledge Base.

1.How To Create A Folder?

Once you define the outline of your content through creating a topic, now you can start creating folders inside of it to reflect your content in levels.

In order to be taken to the page to create a folder, you can follow two different paths which lead you to the same result:

First Way: You can click on the Action button of the topic that needs folders, and press Create folder out of the given list of options.

  • Type a folder name and press the Create button on the new view. A new folder is now created.

Second Way: Clicking on that topic's name also takes you to the page where you can create folders, without using the Action button.

  • After going to the page that lets you create a folder and view the list of folders previously created, click on the New Folder button.

  • Type in a name for the folder and press the Create button. A new folder is now created.

2.Actions To Take With Folders

After creating a folder, you can take the following actions by pressing the Actions button of the folder:

1.Edit Folder

  • If you want to edit a folder that you created earlier, you need to click on the Actions button of that particular folder.

  • In the new view, you can edit folder name and move it to another topic in your Knowledge Base by choosing a selection from the list of topics

  • By pressing the Edit button, all folder updates will then be saved.

2.Remove Folder

You can remove a folder that you do not want to keep anymore.

  • Click on the Actions button of that folder and click then Remove Folder.
  • Confirm your action and your folder will be removed.

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