In this article, you can find the needed information to create and update a topic for your Knowledge Base.

1.How To Create A Topic?

After accessing the Knowledge Base, your first step would be to create a topic which will house future folders.

  • Press the New Topic button and enter a topic name.

  • Once the topic is created, you can proceed with creating folders for that particular topic. 

2.Actions To Take With Topics

After creating a topic, you can take the following steps by pressing the Action button of the topic:

1.Create a Folder

  • Through clicking on the Create folder option of the Actions button, you can create a folder in a topic. To get detailed information about how to create folders into your topics, click here.

2.Edit Topic Name

You can also edit a topic name that you set before. To do that:

  • Click on the Action button of your chosen topic.
  • Click on Edit topic name and type the new name.

  • Press the Edit button and the topic name will be edited.

3.Remove Topic


You can remove a topic that was created previously. The important thing that you need to take into account is that you cannot remove a topic that contains folders. Therefore, if the topic that you want to remove has a folder, first you need to delete that folder.

  • Click on the Action button of the particular topic.
  • Click on the Remove topic section and confirm that you want to remove that topic.
  • The topic is now removed.

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