After logging in to ecratum, you can activate the Knowledge Base quickly via ecratum Store.

  • Click on ECRATUM STORE in the sidebar.
  • Press the Get Started button of the Knowledge Base which is located under the Customer management tools.

  • On the new view that you are taken, you can find the information regarding the Knowledge Base such as how you can use it and benefit from it. To activate the product, click on any Activate For Free button.

  • To confirm the activation of the Knowledge Base, press the Activate button.

  • You can now start using the Knowledge Base for your company with 1 user.

After activating the feature, you can now start building your Knowledge Base. To start with, click Knowledge Base in the sidebar.

On the main view of the Knowledge Base that you are taken to, you can begin creating your content. The knowledge depth in the Knowledge Base starts with creation of topics, and continues with folders in that topic and ends with articles in that particular folder. Once you finish building your Knowledge Base, you can share it with your customers and let them read the published content.

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