PDoc Collect/ Product Group Automation

We have recently made some changes on our PDoc Collect product. 

PDoc Collect change on the sidebar

Once the product is activated, you will see PDoc Collect product appearing on your sidebar. 

To make the navigation easier, Purchased Products, Product Documentation Status and Purchased Product Groups are added as sbublinks under PDoc Collect

Purchased Product Groups

With the improvements on this view you can now: 

  • Click on the group to easily access it 

  • Check the automation status of your Product Groups

Product Group Automation

With the new automation feature you can easily set up automation for a product group and start requesting product documentation from your supplier. 

To do this you only have to choose Products and Product Documents for which the tasks will be created. Once you have confirmed your action, tasks will be sent and you can monitor the status of your requested documents under Product Documentation.

If you want to learn more about PDoc Collect, just click here.

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