UI improvement on Product Group page

This new improvement will facilitate the way you are using Product Groups. Now it is easier to group and manage your products into Product Groups that you have created.

  • Having this new view, you can find a table on the specific group that you have selected. Different from how it was, you can see an overview on all the products that are part of that group by showing: Name, Code and action that can be performed for each product.

An additional functionality of this improvement is 'Add Product to Group' option. Clicking on this button, you can directly add products from the view where they are without having to go under 'Purchased Product' list. Adding products can be done in 2 ways:

  • Selecting from already created products you have added for your company

  • Directly create a product from the modal. Click on Create New Product : the modal will expand with the view where the name and code can be entered for the new product to be created.

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