ERP Improvements

ecratum has made it easier for you to add an ERP Number for your business partners. 

1.New Column and Button: Add ERP number on the list for companies:

For all company groups, (both default groups and my groups), a new column called ERP Nu

mber was added to the view to list companies. Each company on the list has a button to add an ERP number and when that button is clicked, a modal is displayed where you can enter the ERP number.

2. UI Improvements on the identification tab:

The previous view to update an existing ERP number replaced with a new improved version that reflects more information telling you what can be done on this view. A drop-down Actions button was inserted in order to allow user to edit the number or delete it.

To learn more about adding ERP number, you can read its article on the Knowledge Base. Please, click here.

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